Queens Trust Statement

December 28, 2020 by
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Queens Trust Statement

The Queens Trust Committee are extremely disappointed in the Boxing Day actions of both Queen of the South FC and George Galloway. Firstly, these actions breached the Scottish Government Covid regulations that we have all been abiding by to keep our loved ones and communities safe. Secondly, these actions demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the loyal Queen of the South fans, many of whom had also been hoping to attend the game on Boxing Day.

Poor communication, a lack of transparency around the running of the Club and ever dwindling crowds are sadly now standard for Queens. This latest shameful decision has badly damaged the reputation of the Club and left many fans furious. There is a huge amount of goodwill towards Queen of the South FC amongst the communities of Dumfries and Galloway and it is time that community faith in the Queens Board is restored. The divide between the loyal fans and the Club must be bridged by a new culture of inclusivity, transparency, and supporter representation. Our much-loved Club is struggling, both on and off the pitch, and the time for change is now.


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