Support the Queens Trust 2016

February 12, 2016 by · Leave a Comment
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It looks like 2016 could be a very important year for the Queens Trust and for the club we all love.

Please consider supporting the Queens Trust at this time by becoming a Trust member for the year 2016. The price still remains the same as it was 11 years ago when the Trust was founded at just £10 for the year if working and £5 for all concessions. The Trust is open to all.

If you are already a signed up member – Thank you! Our members have been fantastic and we fully appreciate the support you have given to get us this far. But what about maybe helping to sign up your family and friends. You never know you might just win them a season ticket to Palmerston in our summer draw of all members.

Full details can be found at the ‘How to Join’ tab at the top of the Queens Trust website or here: