Queens Trust Statement – Supporters Director Resolution

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The Queens Trust would like to thank The Dumfries Common Good Committee for giving their support for this item to be added to the agenda, thus giving the clubs owners, the 1,000 shareholders, the chance to vote on this issue. We would also like to thank the Doonhamers Travel Club, the New Bazaar Doonhamers, Devorgilla Doonhamers and the QOS Disabled Supporters Association for their backing of this motion. These groups and the Queens Trust have a combined membership of over 500 supporters. The Queens Trust is also grateful for the support of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, which has a membership of almost 67,000, and Supporters Direct Scotland.

Supporters are the lifeblood and heart of their club. It is common for football club Directors to be fans of the club but a Supporters Director is something quite different. This is a director who has been democratically elected by the supporters and who specifically aims to represent their views. Supporters are the key stakeholders of any club and are central to the clubs social and financial vibrancy.

Supporter involvement in clubs is increasing across Scottish Football through the election of Supporters Directors and through Supporter Ownership. Only last week Airdrie announced they will be looking to appoint a Supporters Director this summer with their Chairman saying ‘This is the future. Fan representation will become a bigger part of the Scottish game in seasons to come. It’s very important to me that this happens.’

If our resolution is successful the Queens Trust would hold an election to decide who amongst its members would take on the role of Supporters Director. Membership to the Queens Trust is open to all supporters and all members of the Trust would be invited to put themselves forward as a candidate. The winner of the election would take the Trusts position on the board.

At present attendances for Queen of the South are declining. This falling interest needs to be urgently addressed and a long term view adopted that focusses on increasing community support for the club. There is now a staggering amount of competition for people’s time and money. We believe that having a Supporters Director at the very heart of Queen of the South will help towards addressing these issues.

If we are successful at achieving a Supporters Director on the Board one of the key ambitions of the Trust is to open a community shop / museum in the town centre. We believe that this will be of great benefit to both the club and the town. The Trust has run two previous temporary shops in the town and the community showed lots of goodwill towards the club. Through a permanent presence in the heart of the town we would hope to increase the clubs visibility and encourage additional support which will in turn increase the clubs revenue. It would also be one less empty shop for the town.

When the Trust met with the local council and the Queens chairman last year to discuss our resolution there was no Supporter Liaison Officer in place and the creation of this post was not mentioned at all. While we think this newly created position will have benefits, we believe that the addition of a Supporters Director would add much greater value to the club. The Supporters Director will not be chosen by or answerable to the board. The Supporters Director will be chosen by and answerable to the supporters. The supporters would have a voice in the boardroom where all major decisions affecting the club are taken.

Supporter involvement at the boardroom level is increasing throughout the Scottish game and can lead to greater time and financial input from supporters. The introduction of a Supporters Director at the very heart of Queen of the South would create a new level of openness, transparency and supporter engagement. It would create the feeling that we really are all in this together.


Trust meeting

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Next Queens Trust meeting is on Friday 17th February at 7.30pm in the Queens Arena. All Trust members welcome to attend!

Mini museum / community shop

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At last nights Queens Trust meeting we received offers of support that if we were successful in achieving a supporters representative onto the board of directors at the club would enable the Trust to run a Queens Trust mini museum / community shop within the town

The Trust committee were all very positive of the idea and felt it could be something that could be a benefit both to the club and to the town.


Recent matchday posters

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Recent matchday posters from this season

. Posted widely around the area and also on Facebook, twitter and just recently now also on instagram…

Queens Trust meeting

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‪Next Queens Trust meeting is on Friday 27th January at 7.30pm in the Queens Arena. All Trust members welcome to attend!‬

Junior Blues & Queens Trust Juniors

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The Queens Trust has had made some great Queens Trust rattles and maracas which we will be giving out free to Queens Junior Blues and Queens Trust Juniors at this weekends game.

Each junior will get to pick one. Either a rattle or a maraca, not both sorry.

Queens Trust members will be in the Arena from 2pm to hand them out before the game. So make sure and get along to the game to get your free gift and then use them to make some noise and cheer the team on!


Great present for a Queens Fan…

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Looking for a Queens related present? The Queens Trust still have some of the fantastic Limited Edition Signed Prints available of the posters that we have been using to promote home matches. One of the designs (with the old stand) is now also the front cover of this seasons programme.
These unique images by the artist Paine Proffitt (www.paineproffitt.com) are published as limited edition fine art prints. They are printed using the latest Giclee printing processes and each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist. There will only be a small print run of 25 for each of the three designs. The prints will not have opponents or dates mentioned.
Loose print £65 (£55 for Queens Trust members)
Framed print £95 (£85 for Queens Trust members)
Framed prints will have a white mount and a black frame. P&P (to UK) is £5 on every print ordered whether loose or framed. Prints will be delivered directly to any address provided.
These fantastic artworks can be purchased through the Queens Trust. Please email joetulip1919@hotmail.co.uk with any orders or if you require any further information.


Queens Trust news

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Queens Trust news.

Membership of the Queens Trust is now at the highest it has been in years at 215 members. A fantastic number, thank you all for your support. If you are not yet a member it’s never to late to join. Click on the ‘how to join’ link at the top of this page for more information.

The matchday poster competition that we have been running this season has been a great success with around 200 people sharing each of our posters on Facebook and Twitter. This has helped the posters to reach over 10,000 people for each game. After each game we pick a winner at random and the Queens Trust present them with a £10 voucher for the Queens club shop. So far we have had 5 winners. If you have not yet had a go please do as it is a very easy way to help promote the club and its home games and you might just be the next winner!

We have some exciting things in the planning for the Junior Blues and hope to publish news on these next month. So watch this space.

The next meeting of the Queens Trust is on Friday 7th October at 7.30pm at the Queen of the South Arena. All members are welcome to attend.


Season ticket winners

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Winners of the Queen of the South season tickets drawn at the Trust meeting at the Queens Arena on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 were:

Junior Blue: Lucy Johnstone
Junior Blue: McKenzie Martin
Concession: Jackie Hair
Concession: Jim Stuart
Adult: Scot Carrick

A huge thank you to all who have joined or renewed their membership in the last month. It has been amazing to see such support for the Trust.

We went well past last years total of 155 members and even managed to surpass our target of 180. Before the draw we got to a fantastic 201 Queens Trust members signed up for 2016 and 16/17 with a few still to come in. Brilliant!

Many thanks again to everyone and heres to an entertaining season ahead!

C’mon the South!

Queens Trust


Super support!

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Super support for the Queens Trust from the Blue Army! We are now at 156 members meaning we have beaten last years number of 155. Now to go for our target of 180! Please help us reach our target. Don’t delay join today!

At just £10 adults and £5 all concessions it is the same price as it was 12 years ago. Just one week left to be in with the chance of winning a QOS season ticket! Join now so don’t miss out. Thank you for the great support so far.



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